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Famous Noobs
Welcome to Famous Noobs! Please take time to read any announcements, and just remember, we're here to have fun, and be noobs! Please Join!
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MAX level 67!!!!!

Superpreisty, Sep 28, 11 7:31 PM.
Congradulations to all of you who have reached lvl 67!!!!! Piratekingluffy, Sourgrpaes and sami have all reached lvl 67!!!!! congradualtions you 3 :)


xFightingPKx, Sep 20, 11 5:58 PM.
For the next 5 days, I will be holding a contest. Everyone that has already applied to the website is already entered. What you have to do is just stay active in the forums. The person with the most gained activity points between Monday, September 20, and Saturday, September 25 will win 5 million gold in Runes of Magic the next day. All of your activity points have been recorded and are ready to go. Anyone literally spamming in the forums, are disqualified.

    Play on, gamers, play on.

Update: Tuesday, September 20, 2011

xFightingPKx, Sep 20, 11 3:34 PM.
A few updates to the websites today, There have been a couple additions to the forums, if you are a site member, you will be able to see these changes. Still more updates to come later on and I will most certainly be there to keep you posted.

In other news, within the next few days, I will be hosting an event within the guild. This will give everyone a chance to win 5 million gold. More information will be posted, later on.

    Play on, gamers, play on.

Gallery Photos In the Works!!!!

OgniDonna, Sep 19, 11 6:14 PM.
Hi Everyone!

I've uploaded some screen shots to our Gallery and will be adding more as we go!  Please let me know if you have any screens of your characters and together we will find a way to get the uploaded and posted.

Enjoy and most of all - have FUN!!!


Forums Are Bare!

xFightingPKx, Sep 19, 11 3:29 PM.
Guys, the forums are still bare. We need to have communication within this guild. Not just within the game because when we're in the game it's fine. but some people aren't on-line to be able to meet certain players. Maybe nobody knows you have a second character within the guild. Maybe nobody knows you at all. So we need to get in the forums and just go crazy! I don't care whether the topic is about looking for a new sword, or looking to buy a potato at the store just as long as they're in the right place. So get in the forums and blow 'em up! Go go go!

    Play on, gamers, play on.


xFightingPKx, Sep 19, 11 9:55 AM.
A couple updates this morning. I've made a couple changes to the forums. It's a bit more organised and thought out. But it's a little bare, so go into those forums and post like there's no tomorrow! In other news, things are going to be changing, they already are if you've noticed, but don't be afraid to comment and post any ideas in the forums or comments here on Famous Noobs. I would love to hear your thoughts. And you never know, they may become a regular thing on the website.

    Play on, gamers, play on.

New Color Scheme!

xFightingPKx, Sep 19, 11 9:32 AM.
Hey guys, I'm here with one more update on the website, as you can see there is a new color scheme! comment below any thoughts and if I should change it or not.

    Play on, gamers, play on.

Applicant Mod

xFightingPKx, Sep 18, 11 10:17 PM.
I am currently working on making a mod so that it will automatically approve applicants when they apply to the guild while officers and up are offline. This may take some time however unless I can find another one to substitute.

    Play on, gamers, play on.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

xFightingPKx, Sep 18, 11 8:23 PM.
Right now we're pretty basic. I will be continuously updating the website so if your online and all of a sudden see a change, it's most likely only temporary. I will be keeping you posted, thanks!

    Play on, gamers, play on.
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